Image Intensifier Tube (XD-4 Performance)

The Image Intensifier Assembly, 18 millimeters micro-channel wafer, has a minimum useful photocathode and phosphor screen diameter of 17.5 millimeters (mm). The assembly employs a micro-channel electron multiplier plate with proximity focus on the input and output. The assembly includes the high voltage multiplier and oscillator and is encapsulated within a hard surface insulating sleeve or boot and assembled in a hard metalized plastic housing.


  • In-built Automatic Gain Control & Bright Source Protection
  • Available with Auto-gating feature / External Gain Control
  • Military Grade (Compliant with Military Specification MIL-I-49052F)


Parameters Values
Phosphor P22 / P43
Input window AVG Glass
Output window Inverting Fiber Optic Plate / Straight /Extended Inverting Output
Output Radius Flat / R40 / R18 / as per customer requirement
Connection Flying Leads / Contact Pins / Flush Contacts
Power Supply Auto-gated / Standard
Diameter 43 mm / 36.75 mm
Height As per Customer requirement
Weight Max 95 / 80 grams

Main Parameters

Parameters Values
Figure of Merit (FOM) Typ. 1250 min.
Limiting resolution (lp/mm) 60 min.
High Light Resolution @ 200lux min 45 lp/mm (applicable for II Tube with auto-gated feature)
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) @ 108ulux min 19
Number of Spots Max 8
Halo (illumination spot 0.35mm) max 1.25mm

Compatible for use in

PNVG, Aviation Goggle, PNVB, Monocular, PNS Carbine, NK 24 Night Sight, CSWS, Galil, N-Cross, Mini N/Seas, Weapon Sight INSAS / LMG/ RL, Tank Driver & Commander Sight, NL-93